New Service Packages for Legal Entity Formations in Arizona

I am pleased to announce that I am again offering LLC and other legal entity formations in Arizona. I started Desert Edge Legal in 2007 and initially focused on setting up LLC’s and other legal entities. As we all know, the economy crashed and the demand for this service dropped off. At the same time, my focus shifted to foreclosures, loan audits and litigation.

Interestingly, in the last several weeks I’ve been asked for help forming new LLCs, so I’ve decided to put this information out here and see what happens. I think the prices are very competitive and you will deal with a live person, me, which is really helpful when you need to get something done related to a legal entity.

Like all states, Arizona has its individual requirements for entity formations. If you’ve been considering using a service to do it for you, note that these services generally offer bare bones formation. Arizona has a publication requirement, and it’s usually not included with the fee you pay to get the LLC started.

Arizona also does not have a short turnaround time (eg., 24 hours) for formation. In all instances, I recommend the expedited filing option. I have absolutely no control over the ACC’s internal procedures or fees, and you will pay these fees regardless of which service provider you use to set up your entity. Publication fees vary depending on the paper, but in my experience, the average fee is $40.

If you just need statutory agent … read more . . .

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Extended: Happy Memorial Day! Promo Code Inside!

Christine’s note: I have extended the promotional code through Saturday, May 31, 2014!

Happy Memorial Day! To celebrate, I am offering a promotional code today, Friday, through Monday May 26, 2014 for 20% off the DIY Mortgage Review for Borrowers product.

To take advantage of this discount, visit the DIY Mortgage Review for Borrowers product page and click “Add to Cart.” In the Discount Code box, enter FREEDOM, and you’ll see the discount subtracted from your total.

You don’t need a Paypal account to make a purchase, and I never see your payment details.

Thank you to all the veterans and service men and women who volunteer for our armed forces.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!… read more . . .

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Use Your Foreclosure Defense War Chest Wisely

Today, I have a guest post from Arizona attorney Beth Findsen. I met Beth several years ago while we were both in a women’s networking group. We worked together on her foreclosure defense practice when foreclosures were just heating up here in Arizona. Working with Beth was really the foundation of my understanding of loan auditing.

From Beth:

As an attorney helping people defend foreclosures in Phoenix, I have met many potential clients who have already used up their war chest before hiring an attorney.  Commonly, potential clients are in some kind of financial distress or hardship, or they would not have begun to seek a loan modification or other assistance from their mortgage servicer.  As such, the homeowner budget for fighting the banks is limited, and the banks are poised to capitalize on the budget disparity.

There are many services for struggling homeowners, including loan modification assistance, expert loan audits, chain of title audits, forensic audits for document defects, legal audits for compliance with consumer protection laws like Truth in Lending, and RESPA.  The quality of assistance a homeowner receives is varying.  Some of these services may be of value given the price, and some may not be worth the time or money for a homeowner’s limited budget.  I am not disparaging any particular broad category of assistance, but just warning the homeowner to be cautious, especially if a foreclosure date is looming, and the servicer is refusing to postpone it.

Property law is governed by each state.  Jurisdictions … read more . . .

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FNMA Ends Relationship with Two Colorado Foreclosure Firms

Rest In PeaceI received an e-mail from attorney Keith Gantenbein’s office letting me know that Fannie Mae has terminated its relationship with both Castle Law and Aronowitz & Mecklenburg.

Both of these firms have been prosecuting foreclosures on behalf of FNMA in Colorado. I mentioned Mr. Gantenbein previously, when he testified that Statements of Qualified Holders were leading to improper foreclosures.

According to the press release I received from Mr. Gantenbein’s office, Fannie Mae has suddenly terminated its relationship, transferred existing cases to other law firms, and is now sending new foreclosure cases to other law firms.

There have not been any formal comments from the GSE overseeing Fannie Mae. Both law firms have reportedly been under the Colorado AG’s scrutiny for allegedly overcharging fees in serving foreclosure notices to homeowners.

The Denver Post said recently that the AG’s office claimed one of the law firms “misrepresented its costs and charged more than twice what it paid for posting services.” That investigation of these two firms also led to finding that several county Public Trustees in Colorado were also overcharging for their foreclosure costs. Those costs were then passed on to the banks and then to homeowners. There were also claims of collusion and price fixing among foreclosure law firms in the state as well.

It’s not clear whether Freddie Mac will pull its files from these firms, or whether the firms have other clients to keep them financially afloat.

The Attorney General’s investigations helped push the Colorado state legislature to … read more . . .

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If You’re New to FIN, Welcome! Promo Code Inside!

If You're New to FIN, Welcome! Promo Code Inside! If you are new to my site, welcome and thanks for stopping by and looking around! You might be wondering who I am, and what I do.

My name is Christine Springer, and I am a former paralegal, writer, entrepreneur, and now a strategist. I am very good at taking processes apart and optimizing them so they are more efficient, and to get better results.

I didn’t even know I was good at this until I went to grad school. A professor said, “You already know how to think critically, because you are doing it every day at work. You just need to start applying it to the rest of your life.”

At that time, I was working as a paralegal at Lashly & Baer in St. Louis, and was analyzing cases and their settlement value, but my professor was right: wasn’t applying those skills to the rest of my life and certainly not my grad school work. This conversation with my professor a turning point for me. From there, I got even better at strategy and analysis.

I have an AAS in Paralegal Studies, a BS in Management, and a Masters in International Studies from Washington University in St. Louis. Finishing my MA is perhaps the achievement of which I am the most proud. It changed my life because I learned to think critically and apply my critical thinking skills and strategy to the rest of my life.

The law is my first career love. I have loved the … read more . . .

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