Price Increases Coming in 2015

Price Increase Coming in 2015I have decided to give myself a raise by increasing my prices across all services I presently offer.

Not only is it long overdue, but my hope is that higher prices will attract more of the clients I really would like to work with. I’d like to work with more attorneys and borrowers who are motivated to stand up to the bank and who have the resources to do so.

This price increase also reflects a shift in my personal outlook. I am personally ready to “graduate” to some next level experiences around money. I’ve also “paid my dues” and I am feeling more confident about my value proposition to clients.

The prices of the Do It Yourself Mortgage Review resources will also increase at the beginning of 2015. You still have plenty of time to order your products at the current prices before the price goes up. I will post and send out a few reminders. As we get into the holiday season things will get busy so I’d encourage you to make your purchase decision early before your money is allocated toward holiday celebrations.

Use coupon code STEINBERGER* to get 20% off everything for sale on the DIY Mortgage Review site. This coupon is code is going to remain available for an undetermined amount of time and can expire at any time.

I don’t have all the price increase details ironed out yet, so please check back to the About page for more details.

If you would like … read more . . .

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Foreclosures: Where We Are Now, and Who is Still Hanging On

I hope you had a great summer!  I just posted about the Arizona Supreme Court’s denial of the bank’s Petition for Review, and it seemed like a good time for an update. I have personally been busy doing a lot of other things besides foreclosure defense related stuff.

I’ve said this before, but I’m not convinced there is much more that I can contribute to the discussion. I was talking to Barbara Forde about this the other day, and she says there’s more work to be done in Arizona. I am not sure how that looks for me, so for now, know that I will be posting sporadically and probably only when I have something meaningful to say.

With the announcement of the denial of review on Steinberger, it seemed like a good time to reevaluate where things are heading in the foreclosure discussion. Things have definitely settled down and shifted more favorably toward homeowners. I can remember a time when things shifted so rapidly in foreclosure defense that it was sometimes hard to keep up! It’s an interesting contrast.

So where are we now? I think most of us are recovering from the recession. It’s taking a lot of work, longer than we’d all like, and it’s demanding of our time and resources. I am working on several projects that are very rewarding and yet demanding, too. It seems like there is always a lot of work to do and not always enough time to get it … read more . . .

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Arizona Supreme Court Denies Bank’s Petition for Review in Steinberger

Arizona Supreme Court Denies Bank's Petition for Review in SteinbergerI am pleased to announce that the Arizona Supreme Court has DENIED the bank’s Petition for Review in Steinberger. The denial is embedded below.

The Supreme Court frequently denies certiorari (the term used to deny hearing a case) to cases. If you’ve ever heard the media frenzy over the United State Supreme Court cases, you know they typically only agree to hear a handful each year.

In the instance of the Steinberger decision, this means that the lower court’s decision stands, which means it’s now law in Arizona. The courts are supposed to follow the decision as precedent.

If you haven’t read the Steinberger decision or Barbara Forde’s guest posts about how it changed the laws, you can read Steinberger here and Barbara’s guest post on Steinberger here.

For those of you with shorter attention spans, it’s a great decision for homeowners. It’s particularly personal for me because I worked with Ms. Steinberger on the details of her loan, and she went on to work with Barbara Forde.

There were a couple of times in this case that were awful. I’m not going to dredge all that up, but I feel vindicated after the bumpy ride, even if I have been behind the scenes. I am sure I am crowing as if I did all the work (I definitely did not do all the work!!), but the Steinberger decision means a lot to me personally. I feel especially good about the outcome because it will benefit all Arizona homeowners … read more . . .

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New Service Packages for Legal Entity Formations in Arizona

I am pleased to announce that I am again offering LLC and other legal entity formations in Arizona. I started Desert Edge Legal in 2007 and initially focused on setting up LLC’s and other legal entities. As we all know, the economy crashed and the demand for this service dropped off. At the same time, my focus shifted to foreclosures, loan audits and litigation.

Interestingly, in the last several weeks I’ve been asked for help forming new LLCs, so I’ve decided to put this information out here and see what happens. I think the prices are very competitive and you will deal with a live person, me, which is really helpful when you need to get something done related to a legal entity.

Like all states, Arizona has its individual requirements for entity formations. If you’ve been considering using a service to do it for you, note that these services generally offer bare bones formation. Arizona has a publication requirement, and it’s usually not included with the fee you pay to get the LLC started.

Arizona also does not have a short turnaround time (eg., 24 hours) for formation. In all instances, I recommend the expedited filing option. I have absolutely no control over the ACC’s internal procedures or fees, and you will pay these fees regardless of which service provider you use to set up your entity. Publication fees vary depending on the paper, but in my experience, the average fee is $40.

If you just need statutory agent … read more . . .

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Expired: Happy Memorial Day! Promo Code Inside!

Christine’s note: I have extended the promotional code through Saturday, May 31, 2014!

Happy Memorial Day! To celebrate, I am offering a promotional code today, Friday, through Monday May 26, 2014 for 20% off the DIY Mortgage Review for Borrowers product.

To take advantage of this discount, visit the DIY Mortgage Review for Borrowers product page and click “Add to Cart.” In the Discount Code box, enter FREEDOM, and you’ll see the discount subtracted from your total.

You don’t need a Paypal account to make a purchase, and I never see your payment details.

Thank you to all the veterans and service men and women who volunteer for our armed forces.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!… read more . . .

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